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Spring Equinox

Yin Yoga • Chakra • Sound Bath


3:00-4:30 PM


Join Lee Wolfort and Myla Grytsyna for a transformative

Spring Equinox Yin Yoga Chakra Sound Bath.


Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of Myla's healing sound, each tone resonating with the subtle body chakras energy system while Lee expertly guides you through a transformative meditative Yin Yoga practice, enhancing the harmonious energy flow within your body and spirit.

LEE Workshop_edited.jpg

Reflexology Workshop for Couples,

Partners and Friends

Sunday April 7 1:00 PM-3:00 PM

w/ Janet Daily

$90.00 per couple

Join Janet Dailey, a certified Reflexologist and the founder of Dailey Wellness, for an engaging 2-hour hands-on workshop devoted to the well-being of your soles!


Discover how to harness the power of reflexology, the ancient self-healing method, enabling you to assist yourself and your loved ones.


Reflexology, a fascinating science and art, operates on the principle that distinct areas in the feet and hands correspond to various parts of the body. Practitioners utilize their thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to these reflex points, thereby releasing energy blockages, alleviating stress, and restoring balance to both the body and the feet.


Throughout the workshop, you'll acquire knowledge about 5 specific points that enhance the immune system, alleviate stress, and induce profound relaxation. Additionally, you'll learn foot exercises designed to maintain the health of your feet.

This workshop is designed for participants to work in pairs, and everyone is welcome to attend!

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